“The Truth Behind Your Scleroderma - Why One Tiny Organism Is Stealing Your Life From You & How To Kill It Off Permanently So You Can Start Living Again Using A Simple & Natural Process That Works!!”

If You Can Spare 5 Minutes Of Your Time I Will Show You How To Take Complete Control Of Your Scleroderma Forever

Hi, I'm Sally Deacon

Before you read on, please don't mistake this web page for the usual 'Miracle Cure' rubbish scattered around the internet, let me make one thing clear -  There is NO Miracle Cure for Scleroderma

No wonder drug and no special cure all pill in fact all the medication your doctor might push your way will have little or no affect on the real cause of your Scleroderma, what I describe in my new report is by no means a miracle cure, nor is it a breakthrough of any kind but it works.


Out of sheer desperation and determined research I found a natural approach to tackling my Scleroderma that works. Hard to believe I know but I discovered that by addressing the underlying causes, of which previously I was unaware my Scleroderma could be controlled beyond recognition.

"The Secret To Beating Scleroderma Permanently Without Drugs"!

I stumbled upon a simple procedure that amongst other things naturally eliminates amongst other things the tiny parasitic micro organisms residing in my body (Yes Bugs) & the toxin overload which I now know caused my Scleroderma.

Your probably thinking that your Limited or Systemic Scleroderma condition is the result of age, genetics or just plain bad luck & while all of these reasons might have a bearing on your condition the truth behind your condition is far more sinister.

I'm willing to bet you've undergone blood tests or biopsy's, perhaps you've spent countless hours in one consultants waiting room after another & then another each time becoming more and more frustrated & annoyed with the lack of help being offered to you.

"Did Your Doctor Tell You There's No Cure For Your Scleroderma"?,

Chances are you still don't really know why you have Scleroderma or any real solution to it apart from the usual inadequate short term systematic relief, how do I know this?, because up until 12 months ago I was where you probably are now and my Scleroderma seemed to be growing worse by the day.


Skin rash

At the age of 42 I was diagnosed with Scleroderma but to honest my symptoms probably started about two years before that.

I started developing patches of itchy red skin on my right knee, which at the time was diagnosed as acute Uritcaria (an allergic reaction), my doctor assured me it would clear up in it's own time and prescribed a course of antihistamine.

But the patches didn't go away in fact they got worse and gradually increased in size, I remember being horrified by the unsightly appearance of the rash and took to wearing trousers to disguise my affliction.

My condition worsened over the following months and years with symptoms ranging from stiff and painful joints in my hands and elbows (early diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis), further skin discolouration through to chronic fatigue and breathlessness.

"Scleroderma Medication Is No Joke"

Now I know from speaking to many  sufferers that I got off lightly but my condition was more than enough for me to deal with.

Over a period of almost 4 years I took a concoction of symptom relieving drugs such as Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Antihistamine, Antibiotics, Antacid's, H-2 Blockers, courses of steroids & Low-Dose Corticosteroids to name but a few. 

And guess what?, they were all just a complete waste of time, yes some of the medication did help relieve certain symptoms and at the time I was happy with the short term relief they provided, Perhaps your the same, perhaps like me you've been taking prescribed drugs like they were going out of fashion just to get that little bit of relief?.

Maybe some of these drugs do have a part to play, I don't know. What I do know is I wasn't being told the whole truth, all of the medication I'd religiously taken on the advice of my doctor to curb my Scleroderma condition not only had little symptomatic effect, but were actually making my problem worse.

I later discovered that the toxic affect of all of these drugs was compounding and gradually poisoning my whole body which only made my Scleroderma worse, but if I'm honest I would of just carried on believing the advice of my doctor and taking my daily course of medication had it not been for something frightening happening to me.

"My Hair Started Falling Out,
Each Morning There Would Be More & More Hair On My Pillow"

I cant say which particular drug caused my hair to start thinning, as I cant be sure if it was just one particular drug, the combination of different medication used at the same time or my bodies specific reaction to certain chemicals, all I will say is that this event scared me in to action, this really was the last straw for me, for years I'd had to cope with more and more bizarre things happening to my body, so there was no way I was going to lose my hair as well.

At this point I began my search for a better understanding of what I was suffering with. I did a lot of digging around, I spoke to a lot or herbalists & alternative therapists, I even tried acupuncture, but nothing seemed to have the desired effect until I came across an internet forum regarding Scleroderma, I followed a thread (I think that's what they call it) which discussed a possible underlying reason for Scleroderma and a natural method of controlling it.

Through that one discussion and a little more research I went on to discover that my condition was most likely the result of my body's incapacity to interact with an increasingly toxic environment, In other words my body had been poisoned by the very world I lived in.

But more importantly these toxins especially a build up of heavy metal was an optimal breading ground for a micro-organism, a tiny pathogenic bug that lives and multiply' s inside your body, feeding off you, compromising your bodies immune system & making you weaker and sicker by the day.

"Why Do I Suffer With Scleroderma, When Others Have Never Even Heard Of It"?

Whichever form of Scleroderma you suffer with and whatever symptoms you display your ultimately suffering with autoimmune disease, this disease affects different people in many different ways, perhaps you know someone who has type 1 diabetes or maybe a family member suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis?, these are all symptoms of underlying autoimmune disease, so while the symptoms may be different the hidden cause is very similar.

Research indicates that many of us are born with a genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease, this predisposition makes us hypersensitive to different allergens such as environmental pollutants, heavy metals from drinking water and aerosols, chemicals, additives even foodstuffs.

Lots of these very same people will live their whole life completely unaware of their in-built intolerance's while other's have to endure an almost intolerable life of pain, discomfort and sickness. How and why the disease manifests itself into so many different symptoms is unclear, but the fact remains that it does.

parasitic micro organism

Is This The Offending Culprit?

This disgusting looking bug is actually a pathogenic nano bacteria, just one of billions living inside you right now & one of the major factors behind your Scleroderma.

These pathogenic nano bacteria invade the body destroying cells, and damaging organs.

The hardening and destruction of the skin cells is a result of their multiplication & in many cases calcium deposits (Calcinosis) are noticeable on the top layer of the skin.

"How To Kill The Bug Permanently, & Get Your Life Back"

My story is probably very similar to many of you reading this letter today or in many cases a lot less serious. I'm sure your already well aware of the problems associated with this cruel affliction.

I almost lost my job through excessive sick leave, perhaps you've encountered the same. If your anything like I was your probably running out of options and entering a state of despair, and I completely understand how you feel.

Only someone who has been where you are now can truly understand what your going through and that's why I've decided to publish my findings.

Here's a quick look at what my new report covers :

Calcium deposits (Calcinosis) noticible on the top layre of skin.

How to permanently kill all the pathogenic nano bacteria using an easy to find supermarket product.
A simple procedure which will stop the pathogenic bugs from ever returning
The easiest way to rid your body of all its harmful toxins & pollutants
Treating bacterial and fungal problems associated with the gastro-Intestinal tract naturally.
A simple detoxification and cleansing agent for the kidneys.
Re-build and strengthen your Immune-system.
Restore your digestive system to its normal healthy state.
Expelling excess free radicals from your body.
Removing heavy metals deposits trapped in your body.
Dealing with your depression.
Re-charging your energy levels
Ease joints
Break down & remove excess calcium from your body without any medical intervention. 
Stop Acid Reflux problems in days without drugs 

As I said at the beginning of this letter the method of treatment is not some miracle breakthrough, and to be quite honest, if you have the time you could find the information yourself and try it out, however this could take months of trial & error.

My report is aimed at those of you who would like to bypass all of the hard work and just get on with beginning their recovery as quickly as possible, In my report I will show you the exact method I used to rid myself of Scleroderma in around two months after suffering with it for almost 4 years.

I will show you exactly how to copy my simple method and treat your own condition at home no matter how severe*, and I will tell you how to accomplish this permanent relief without any drugs whatsoever.

"Here's My Promise To You"

I'm sure by now your very curious as to what this method of Scleroderma treatment is and I'm also sure that your a little sceptical, I completely understand your apprehension, perhaps you've never purchased on-line before or maybe your not convinced that my report can help you, that's why I've decided to keep the price of my report at the lowest possible price for the next 50 customers, and to show my integrity I will also increase the 100% money back guarantee from 30 days too 365 days.

When you get your hands on Natural Scleroderma Relief, you will be just moments away from finding out exactly how to rid yourself of this debilitating condition once and for all. Consider your future without Scleroderma, it's not an impossible dream, it can happen, I'm living proof but don't take my word for it.


In 1999 I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma. It started off with Raynauds syndrome and then started to effect my digestive system, I now have gastro intestinal problems as a result of my esophagus not working properly.
I decided to try your method about 2 weeks ago after reading an article. So far results seem promising.

Bryan brooke.

Hi Sally thank you for getting back to me so quickly, as I said I am still aware of having scleroderma but I'm feeling better by the day and it really is easy to follow.



Dear Sally
As you know i was diagnosed with scleroderma in May of 2008 which came as a real shock to me. Up until then I was never ill, I never even got colds. After following your advice my fingers are much better than they were plus my indigestion and rather embarrassing gas problem is completely gone.

Thanks again

Tracy Timbrell

This method of Scleroderma relief is not to be confused with drug therapies or expensive over-the-counter solutions that do not work and in many cases actually make Scleroderma worse.

Natural Scleroderma Relief is aimed squarely at addressing the root cause & not about just treating the symptoms of the disease. My report contains all the information you need to start treating your own Scleroderma in a natural, less aggressive way that works.

It doesn't matter how long you've suffered with Scleroderma or what else you have tried, this procedure can have a dramatic effect in a relatively short time, regardless of your past experiences.

Thank you Sally
For all your hard work, My hair didn't start falling out but I did feel like pulling it out. I was at the end of my tether and had no idea what to do.

After reading your book I quickly implemented the method you described, however I must say I was a little apprehensive about one or two of the ingredients, but I just thought what the hell it cant be any worse than all the pills I've been popping recently.

After just four and a half weeks I'm amazed at my own dramatic improvement, I no longer feel like an old women, the GERD has disappeared, my joints aren't stiff and painful anymore and my skin looks and feels so much better.

I realise I will always bear some scaring but I can live with that, maybe I'll have a bit of cosmetic work done, ha, ha.

Anyway here's to you sally

Melissa Gosling

Please don't waste any more money on supplements and medications that do nothing but mask the symptoms - I've tried most of them, and they really didn't work..

While I know my findings will help many Scleroderma sufferers, it would be unfair and dishonest for me to claim a 100% success rate, nothing in life is 100% guaranteed and we are all different.

I cant guarantee my report will help you get rid of your Scleroderma completely, but I can guarantee you will get a complete refund if it doesn't.

If you do decide to give my report 'Natural Scleroderma Relief' a try you will have a step-by-step program to help you throughout the entire process. By following my methods, you will learn exactly how I got rid of my Scleroderma in less than two months, and how YOU can do the same.

"How Do I Receive My Copy Of Natural Scleroderma Treatment?" 

I wanted to make my report as cheap as possible to the people who need it, I also wanted people to be able to get their copy straight away and not have to wait for days or even weeks, depending on where in the world you are, So I decided to offer 'Natural Scleroderma Treatment' as an instant download.

You will receive your copy of my report within seconds of completing your purchase through PayPal, even if it's 3.20am, and what you see is what you pay, so there are no hidden shipping costs.

My report will be delivered directly to your computer as a PDF file so you can start reading it straight away on your PC or Mac.

You will need a piece of free software to read the report which will probably already be on your computer (adobe reader), don't worry if you don't have a copy, you can download it for free at adobe.com.

 How Much Does 'Natural Scleroderma Treatment' Cost?

The recommended selling price of my report is $39.98, this is a one off cost, all the information you need is supplied.

  Special Offer!       

Be one of my next 50 customers & the total cost of my report will be kept at the lowest price I could get away with, after which my publishers will increase it to it's recommended selling price.

Natural Scleroderma Relief 


60 Day  100%  Money Back Guarantee

Take 60 full days to try my method for yourself. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that 'Natural Scleroderma Treatment' has not helped, just let me know & I'll personally give you every penny back, no hard feelings  and no strings attached.

Sally Deacon


The price you pay today is   

only $27.00

Don't forget that I'm also offering a full 60 days full money back guarantee to the next 50 customers, so get your copy before this current promotional period ends.


Take Action Today - Guarantee A Healthier Tomorrow. 

I sincerely believe that this information will be as helpful to you as it has been for me, so give it a try, Get rid of your Scleroderma symptoms once and for all, or get your money back, without question, download your copy today at my risk & look forward to a happier, healthier future with my best wishes.

Please Remember This Is A Limited Time Special Offer, the price of $27.00 Will Only Remain until the next 50 copies have been sold, I know you here that all the time on the internet, but this really is a promotional period. The price really WILL return to it's recommended selling price when this offer ends due to rising advertising costs. Don't forget these promotional copies also include a full years guarantee instead of the normal month, so be quick. If You'd Like Your Own Copy, I Would Strongly Suggest You Order It Now.

My best wishes for a brighter, healthier future Sally Deacon

Today's Price Only $27.00 



P. s Don't miss your chance to change your health for the better. You can secure your own copy of 'Natural Scleroderma Relief' today at the ridiculously low price of only $27.00 with a full years guarantee.

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